Wall Mount for 12 LCD Monitors

Adjustable 12-Monitor Wall Mount

Name:Wall Mount for 12 LCD Monitors

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This 12 LCD monitors mount is highly customizable and adjustable heavy duty wall mount for 12 LCD Monitors and customizable perfect for different industries.

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12-Monitor Wall Mount Features:

  • Customizable 12 LCD Monitors Wall Mount consists of 3 tracks for sliding the monitor arms left-right , where every single arm allows tilting up-down, left-right.
  • LCD Arms used in this application: AFC22 the inner 2 monitors AFC18 the outer two monitors with longer extension allowing forming of ark.
  • You can play more freely with the distance of the monitors from the wall if you use our Z-arms.
  • 100x100mm and 75x75mm mounting plates
  • Meets VESA standards.
  • LCD's weight capacity to 19 lbs.