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Three Monitor Arms Desk Clamp Stand

Three Monitor Display Arms Desk Clamp Stand

Name:Desktop Monitor Arm

These three articulating arms display monitor clamp on desk stand delivers the perfect monitor viewing angles of three display monitors. This equipment is very easy to install on any desktop or tabletop edges. It's a highly reliable multi-monitor stand that will not easily fall out of place. This is great for security surveillance, industrial process monitoring and indoor commercial advertising.

It consists of three individual single monitor stands, each with an articulating monitor arm. The individual stands are mounted on a horizontal track for stability. Each monitor arm has a VESA compliant monitor mount. This device is anti-rust coated to ensure long-lasting lifetime use.

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Three Monitor Articulating Arms Clamp Stand

Each Z-series monitor arm is mounted on a track slide:

  • VESA-compliant (75 mm x 75 mm & 100 mm x 100 mm )
  • Loading - up to 25Lbs. LCD monitor
  • Full extension of the arm - 20"
  • Five knuckles for adjusting
  • Swivel left & right: 180 degree range of motion
  • LCD monitor swivel 270 degree
  • Pivot upwards & downwards

Articulating Triple Computer Monitor Stand Clamp Electric Adjust Buttons

Triple Computer Monitor Stand Clamp electric adjust buttons

Adjustable Triple Computer Monitor Stand Clamp Specifications

Articulating Triple Computer Monitor Stand Clamp specifications

Adjustable Triple Computer Monitor Stand Clamp with Desktop Edge Clamp

Adjustable Triple Computer Monitor Stand with Desktop Edge Clamp