Thin-Client PC or Rechargeable Battery Power Pack Holder

Thin-Client PC or Power Bank Battery Holder

Name:772880 - Battery Mount

This mounted CPU holder accommodates most sizes of PC designs. Easily adjustable with a screw type locking mechanism, accommodates most widths for a secure grip.

Can be mounted to pole carts, mobile carts and wall-mounted track systems.VESA complaint for mounting to the rear of monitors for discrete access.

Please note: Does not include Mini PC computers and/or Power Bank Battery packs.


Sturdy Mounted CPU holder

  • Metal constructed strong and secure mount
  • Adjustable screw locking mechanism to suit various widths
  • Accommodates Thin-Client Mini PC's and Power Bank Battery Packs
  • Can be mounted to mobile carts and/or wall-mounted track systems
  • Choose black or white anti-microbial paint finishes