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Thermal Imaging Temperature Scanning Mobile Cart plus Camera Tablet Combination

Thermal Imaging Temperature Scanning Cart

Name:Thermal Imaging Temperature Scanning Mobile Cart

Thermal Imaging Temperature Scanning Cart ideal for scanning foot-traffic personnel and employees as they enter the building, systematically reading their temperatures for any sign of a fever.

  • Face-Recognition software can be manipulated to also work as time-clock for employee attendance.
  • Can be programmed to detect high temperatures and will set off a warning alarm to alert both the person being scanned and the observer, if irregular temperature is recorded.

Lightweight design, height adjustable tablet and camera combination. Tablet and Camera can be tilted and motioned left or right on the mount connected.

This cart can easily be motioned from one location to the next. Specifically engineered to be light yet sturdy and safe. Built form steel components with a weighted steel base for balance and stability. Comes with select optional add-on accessories and wheel choices.


Mobile Thermal Imaging Temperature Scanning Cart + Camera

  • Thermal-Imaging temperature scanning device
  • Thermal Imaging Dynamic Camera + Android 10.1"Tablet Interface
  • Tablet mounted to multi-directional VESA plate
  • Height Adjustable pole with quick-release screws
  • Smooth-rolling non marring wheels for ease of mobility
  • Lightweight sturdy and strong design