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Height Adjustable Standing Desks

THE SINGLE TIER STANDING DESK. AFC Industries height adjustable desk is the perfect choice when you need to adjust the workstation to your own size and preferences. With a full range of height adjustable desks, design options, the Single Tier adjustable work desk can meet almost any need.

The adjustable & rolling work table is versatile for several users and worksites due to its electronic height adjustment. For high-quality adjustable standing desk, tables, and workplace furnishings, look no further than AFC.

This electric height adjustable desk is a great alternative to the sit/stand option, which requires a significant amount of space for storage when it needs to be lowered. The Single Tier table eliminates this problem by combining a stand with an efficient work surface. You can easily increase or decrease your standing or sitting position without losing workstation space when you have the AFC Industries table in place. In addition, it has matching side shelves that can hold your printers and books while they wait for you to use them again. There are also cutouts on the side so that cords can run under the unit and out of sight. The desktop itself is made from wood laminate over medium density fiberboard (MDF), which keeps affordable but sturdy at the same time. The frame is made of steel for reliable durability--this means that this desk will endure even if you choose to raise or lower its height more than once a day.

The Single Tier adjustable table's stand moves on casters, which makes it easy to roll across your floor when needed. Once the stand is in position, you simply push the button on the control panel and watch as it slides easily into place. You can also adjust its height using two handles at the bottom of the workspace rather than an electronic controller--simply twist one handle until you've reached your desired height, then tighten with another turn. This option gives you some manual control over your standing environment while still making adjustments simple enough to complete in seconds with no tools required.