New cart design and Functions Demonstrate AFC Industries Commitment to Healthy People and a Healthy Planet.

New York, NY – November 24th, – AFC Industries transparency and commitment is clear: ergonomics and sustainability are the future of design. From fully adjustable workstations to sit/stand desks and medical carts, those passing by AFC Industries Booth#1704 at RSNA in search of new products this year will be excited by our all-inclusive options. Our mission statement at RSNA is bigger than any new product alone. It concatenates our need for research, development, and live feedback from our customers and partners. Always seeking to be the top in our field, AFC Industries has taken the following approach: Simplicity, Adaptability, Durability, and Sustainability in our day-to-day design and manufacturing routine.


Meet our newest product, AFC Medical Cart - a biomonitoring cart that can integrate peripherals of multiple medical specialties. Our new design concept is inspired in life itself, edgeless curved shapes; smart casters’ design that can curve in the sharpest of angles and ride smoothly in any hospital or clinic floor types. Our cart offers modular configurations in biomonitoring. All monitor configurations are VESA mount compliant and can be changed to integrate your chosen technology peripherals. Its modular design allows maximum customization to match your facility visual identity, hospital ward, or visual design expectations.


Our Commitment to a Greener Planet

Using the latest technology and looking for new ways to strengthen our commitment to green operations are the driving forces behind what we do. Many of our product components use solid aluminum, HDPE, and steel. When the time comes to upgrade or expand, many of our units provide excellent opportunities for recycling.



Meet the Biomonitoring Medical Cart  

An ergonomic, multi-functional cart made to hold all of your specialized Radiological equipment. Ideally suited for the ICU or Operating Room where monitor displays are absolutely necessary. Its applications work in Cardiology – heart mapping for catheter, stent or balloon placements; Urology – for ultrasounds; Gastroenterology – in gastric band surgical procedures and much more. All metal and plastic components are designed for use in the medical environment and can be cleaned with standard hygienic materials and are recyclable.



About AFC Industries


AFC Industries is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance ergonomic products that improve health, overall performance, and comfort by keeping the user active during long working hours and also by offering a comfortable working position while seated reducing unnecessary movement increasing work-focus. We leverage engineering technology into minimalistic designs that offer perfect technology integration and turn offices into active and smart workplaces. We are committed to improving work-life quality.