Office Desk Cubicle Partition

Modular Office Cubicle Partition

Name:Mobicube Partition 7260

A free standing office desk cubicle partition with sturdy steel frame with reliable standing base. Sound absorbing materials are used to minimized noise coming out or in the user's work station.

The ability to focus on task without having to bear the distraction from noise and interruptions from other workers helps increase your employees productivity. This office desk partition will provide your employees a quiet and exclusive work space that let's them focus on their task.



Office Desk Cubicle Partition Wall

• 1 inch thick sound absorbing fiber with reflector on one side
• Cold rolled 11-gauge steel frame with epoxy-powder-coated finish
• Prevents light interference
• Can be used as a tack board
• Multiple colors available
• 1/4 inch thick free standing base

• Width: 36 inch , 48 inch, 60 inch, 72 inch
• Height from the floor: 60 inch, 72

• 1/8 inch thick tinted or clear Plexiglas top
• Free standing, mobile (2 inch twin casters) or fixed to the floor / cart

Sound Absorbing Office Desk Cubicle Partition

Sound Absorbing Office Desk Cubicle Partition

Metal Frame Office Desk Cubicle Partition

Metal Frame Office Desk Cubicle Partition