Office Cubicle Partition Wall

Free Standing Office Cubicle Partition Wall

Name:Mobicube Partition 6060

A premium top quality office desk partition wall which features sound absorbing fibers, steel frame with epoxy coated finish, 1/4" thick standing base and availability in different colors. With optional accessories for added functionality and convenience.

A sound absorbing office cubicle partition wall with a hard steel frame and thick metal plate base.

This office cubicle partition wall helps users become more productive by reducing the amount noise that comes through their workstations.

Letting your employees focus on their work increases efficiency which results to increase in productivity. This modern partition wall helps with eliminating office distractions from your employees. Made with the finest materials that is both durable and with pleasing aesthetics.

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Sound Absorbing Office Cubicle Partition Wall

• 1 inch thick sound absorbing fiber with reflector on one side
• Cold rolled 11-gauge steel frame with epoxy-powder-coated finish
•Easily positioned to help prevent glare
• Can be used as a tack board
• Multiple colors available
• 1/4 inch thick metal base

Noise Proof Office Cubicle Partition Wall

Free Standing Office Cubicle Partition Wall