Large Under Desk Mounted Sliding Pencil Drawer

Under Desk Sliding Pencil Drawer

Name:Pencil Drawer

This under desk drawers has built in metal side attachments that are screwed to the bottom of the work surface with wood screws.

The plastic pencil tray is sliding in and out and hooked onto the side attachments.

It's outside dimension are 23" wide x 16" deep x 2" high.


Lightweight Plastic Material Pencil Drawer

  • Noiseless smooth sliding motion
  • Under desk mount for more table space
  • Four divisions for neatly organizing items
  • Horizontal line texture base for holding pencils efficiently
  • Lightweight plastic material pencil drawer
  • Drawing may not depict actual dimensions
  • 2 "
  • 23 "
  • 16 "

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