Desk Mounted Computer CPU Mount

Desk Mounted Computer CPU Holder

Model:CPU 13-25
Name:CPU Computer holder

This desk mounted computer CPU mount is a practical solution for organizing desk work space. This is easy to install and can be mounted underneath or to the desk side surface. The modern, functional design can accommodate most any CPU casing size. Built with adjustable knobs so it can firmly hold the computer CPU--keeping it away from accidental dropping.


Computer CPU Mount:

  • Mounted to the wall or fixed under the work surface
  • Regular CPUs are 2.25 - 6.0 inches deepĀ  and 14 to 25 inches high, so you have adjustable clearances.
    • Height
    • 14" to 25"
    • Depth
    • 2.75"-8.8"

Desk Computer CPU Mount

Desk Computer CPU Mount