Wall Mounted Height Adjustable Telephone Shelf Arm

Height Adjustable Wall Mounted Z-Arm Telephone Shelf

  • SKU   772429
  • Product Name: Computer Wall Mount

This wall telephone shelf is height adjustable on a track mount. It is also swiveled capable with its three-point articulating arm. Space saving design for tiny office spaces.

Wall Mounted Swivel Type Z-Arm Telephone Shelf

  • Swivel type wall telephone shelf
  • Height adjustable feature on a track mount
  • Three point articulating arm
  • Space saving design for tight office environments
  • Wall mounted feature

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Instruction ManualWM24_Z588_TAL002
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Telephone Shelf Arm Wall Track sizes

Telephone Shelf Arm Wall Track sizes
Telephone Shelf Arm functional features
Telephone Shelf Arm Functional Addons
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