Triple Tray Medical Computer Stand Rolling Cart XLCD-200

Computer Stand Rolling Cart with Keyboard and Printer Trays

  • Model:  MLCD200_FZ5_RKB_CPU_2Sh
  • SKU   772676
  • Product Name: Mobile Monitor Stand XLCD-200

A triple tray computer stand rolling cart with VESA monitor bracket, keyboard tray, media tray, CPU holder, printer tray, strong metal frame and modern casters.

AFC's LCD rolling monitor mounts are built for mobility to be conveniently accessible. Ergonomic design is also an integral part of each model product to provide comfort and enhanced functional utility in any working environment

Mobile Computer Stand Rolling Cart with Triple Trays

PDF Drawing772676_MLCD200_FZ5_RKB_CPU_2Sh.pdf
Width24 1/16"
Depth31 1/2"
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