Wireless Telemedicine Cart

Mobile Wireless Telemedicine Cart

  • Model:  MPC200-72-001
  • SKU   772434
  • Product Name: Telemedicine Cart

A perfect medical companion, this mobile wireless telemedicine cart is equipped with an overhead camera mount enabling the user to observe patients remotely through a surveillance monitor. Power back-up is provided with an enclosed UPS unit. Includes a wireless AP transmitter and built-in intercom for wireless communication.

This AFC telemedicine equipment aids medical doctors and healthcare professionals with convenient access to data. Mobile, compact and loaded with a host of features, critical to deliver efficiently in demanding medical environments.

Telemedicine Cart with Casters

  • Telemedicine Cart with Camera Mount
  • Space for UPS Unit
  • Four 5-inch Caster, Two of which are Locking

PDF Drawing772434_MPC 200_72_001.pdf
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Telemedicine Wireless Cart Specifications

Wireless Telemedicine Cart with Built-in Intercom
Telemedicine Mobile Cart with Intercom Functional Features
Mobile Telemedicine Cart with Intercom functional features
Telemedicine Mobile Cart with Intercom Practical Features
Telemedicine Mobile Cart with Intercom Practical Features
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