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Mobile Tablet Cart

The tablet cart is yet another example of applied ergonomics for user comfort, safety and productivity. It can be used to share information or walk a patient through a specific procedure or care plan.

This mobile Tablet Cart has a small footprint that brings the patient into a close proximity to contribute to, and work with the physician so that they can jointly navigate a program, review an image and truly share in the healthcare process.

Fully compatible with major tablet brands like the iPad, Samsung, Lenovo, LG, Acer, etc.

Height Adjustable Secured Locking Tablet Cart - iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini
A height adjustable tablet cart for iPad, iPad Air and iPad mini. Has caster wheels and z-series swing arm built to accommodate standard size tablets.
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Hospital Tablet Cart with Docking Station - Lenovo Thinkpad 10
A height adjustable tablet cart with docking station and heavy-duty casters that helps users conveniently holds a tablet computer.
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Mobile Tablet Cart with Shelf
Light Weight and Easy to maneuver Height Adjustable Hand Operated Adjustable Smart Tablet Cart with built-in storage retractable tray
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Tablet Cart with Flexible Goose Neck Holder
Tablet Cart with Goose Neck Arm Five Prong Base 6 inch Casters. Compatible with all major iOS and Android tablets tablets.
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Medical Tablet Cart - iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini
Universal Bracket Adjustable Smart Medical Tablet Cart mounted in heavy duty caster wheels with built-in CPU holder and Keyboard Arm - iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini
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iPad Cart
EMR Medical iPad Cart Perfectly Suited for the Latest in Touch Screen Tablet Technology
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