Ergotier FX Height Adjustable Treadmill Desk

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Standing Desk With Treadmill

  • SKU   771949
  • Product Name: Ergotier FX treadmil desk

The Treadmil Desk is an electronic height adjustable sit stand desk that is built to houses a treadmill.

This is a workstation that allows you to stay active while you focus on the task at hand.

Highly durable.

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Electronic Height Adjustable Treadmill Desk

  • Electronic adjustment of work surface height
  • Electronic adjustment of monitor height
  • Custom work surface shape
  • Monitor platform for 5 flat screen monitors on telescopic drives
  • 4--inch casters (two of them locking)

PDF DrawingXET83562121_T_HM_0_5FX_0_0_0_01.pdf
Manual InstructionHeight Adjustment Control Manual
Height28" to 47"
Recommended Accessories
Color Choices - For Any Other Color Call Us 1 800 663 3412


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