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Standing Desks

Electronic Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Since 1994, AFC Industries, Inc. has been at the forefront of the development and manufacturing of various types of standing desks. Our in-house design and engineering teams are experts in making ergonomic standing desks of world-class quality. Rest assured that every AFC Industries’ electric height adjustable desk is engineered with quality and value. Standing desk benefits include:

  • Help to strengthen knee and other muscles from the shifting of your weight while standing.
  • Improved blood flow reduces muscle tension.
  • Maintain good posture, thanks to better back support.

PAC Medical Radiology Imaging Workstation Desk
PAC Medical Radiology Imaging Workstation Desk with adjustable height settings for sitting or standing at work.
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PAC Medical Radiology Imaging Sit Stand Desk
Electronic Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk that Tilts with Retractable Monitor Platform Adjustable Phone Arm LED Task Light Wire Management System Split Bottom Shelf Base Mount CPU Holder Big Casters
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PAC Medical Radiology Imaging Workstation Standing Desk
An electronic height adjustable radiology imaging desk with a monitor platform equipped with adjustable focal lengths.
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Height Adjustable Sit or Stand Desk with CPU Holder
Height Adjustable Standing Desk with CPU Holder, with caster wheels for easy mobility.
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Ergonomic Dual Tier Sit Stand Workstation
This Ergonomic Dual Tier Sit Stand Computer Desk boasts high-tech features that provide a comfortable working platform for jobs that require concentration.
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L-Shaped Sit and Stand Desk
This L-shaped sit stand desk is ideal for corner areas of the office. Loaded with high-tech electronic controlled hydraulic table height adjuster, this sit stand desk can give optimum user comfort at work.
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