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Standing Desks

Electronic Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Since 1994, AFC Industries, Inc. has been at the forefront of the development and manufacturing of various types of standing desks. Our in-house design and engineering teams are experts in making ergonomic standing desks of world-class quality. Rest assured that every AFC Industries’ electric height adjustable desk is engineered with quality and value. Standing desk benefits include:

  • Easy access in active spaces and work environments.
  • Improved blood flow reduces muscle tension.
  • Maintain good posture, thanks to better ergonomic height adjustment for specific demands.
PACS Medical Radiology Imaging Workstation Desk
A PACS medical radiology imaging workstation desk with electronic adjustable height and tilt settings and independent height adjustment of monitor platform
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PACS Radiology Imaging Sit to Stand Workstation
This PACS medical radiology imaging sit stand desk offers a spacious desktop, electronic height-adjustment and our prime product feature called the ZEN Mode
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PACS Medical Radiology Imaging Workstation Standing Desk
Ergo Tier is an electronic height adjustable radiology imaging desk with a monitor platform equipped with adjustable focal lengths.
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Height Adjustable Sit or Stand Desk with CPU Holder
Height adjustable standing desk is electronically adjustable with a wide desktop, a CPU holder and four 4" caster wheels for easy mobility.
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Ergonomic Dual Tier Sit Stand Workstation
ergonomic dual tier sit stand computer desk with independent height adjustment for each work surface, triple clamp-mounted monitor arms and bottom shelf
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Sit and Stand L-Shaped Corner Computer Desk
This L-shaped sit stand desk with durable epoxy-powder-coated steel frame, electronic height adjustment, three CPU holders and a maximum of 6 mounted monitors
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