Dual User Computer Workbench Rack

Computer Workbench IT Rack

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  • Product Name: Computer Racking System

This dual user computer workbench rack is fully equipped with essential components such as 30" wide frames, metal top shelves, metal tilt shelf, rack-mount brackets, adjustable pone arm, two standard work surfaces, clamp mount Z-series monitor arms, two retractable keyboard arms with keyboard trays, two rolling shelves and caster wheels with lockable front sets.

AFC's Smart Rack enables space economy when organizing IT equipment with this efficient and scalable system. Designed to support a wide array of peripherals and devices that are essential for a LAN racking system.

Dual User Computer Server Workbench Rack

  • Two 30 inch wide frames
  • Two metal top shelves
  • Metal tilt shelf
  • Rack-mount brackets 7 inch H x 4 inch D
  • Adjustable phone arm # TA001
  • Two standard work surfaces
  • Clamp-mount Z-series monitor arm # AFCZ588-01
  • Clamp-mount Z-arm for two monitors # AFCZ588-02
  • Two retractable keyboard arms # KA6000
  • Two keyboard trays # TR2000 with sliding mouse trays
  • Two rolling shelves
  • 2" twin casters (the front are locking)

PDF Drawing772339_SR603073_04.pdf

Dual User Computer Server Workstation Rack

Dual User Computer Server Workbench Rack
Storage Smart Rack Server specifications
Storage Smart Rack Server specifications
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