SlatWall Accessories

slatwall Accessories

Slatwall Accessories

When you select the slatwall option for your workstation, you can use our slatwall office accessories to create a workstation environment that is productive, ergonomic and easy to reconfigure.

The back bone of our slatwall accessories, are the panels themselves. These allow you to attach the slatwall desk accessories in a personal, efficient and organized fashion, all within easy reach, for a productive experience.

Slat Wall Mounted Cup Holder
Space Saving Heavy Duty Metal Slat wall Mounted Universal Cup holder mountable accessory
Clamp Mounted Slat Wall Panels
Clamp Mounted Aluminum Slat wall Panels Easily Mounted Lightweight
Slat wall Mounted Swinging Phone Arm and Tray
A slat wall mounted phone holder tray giving convenient access to users so they can easily reach the telephone.
Slat Wall Display Tray
A slat wall mounted steel display tray with modern design that's perfect for showcasing products in stores, trade show kiosk and it helps organize computer workstation desks.
Slat Wall Mounted Wire Basket
Slat wall mounted wire basket. Durable wire basket that can be easily affixed to any standard slat wall.
Slat Wall Mounted Monitor Arm
Easy to Install Slat wall Mounted Short Arm Monitor Mount