Whitestone Workstation

Sit Stand Desk

The Whitestone™ workstation is the ultimate adjustable height, sit to stand desk for Radiology and Imaging.

Complete electronic adjustment capabilities include surface height and surface tilt into sit-stand positions and the vertical and horizontal adjustment of monitors to set the optimum focal lengths.

Our sit stand desks are loaded with valuable new enhancements as well as a full array of electronics, lighting, power, cable management, and that facilitate performance, comfort, and ease of use.

Radiology and Imaging Workstation
Highly adaptable radiology workstation with adjustable height settings for sit or stand working. With surface tilt, and both vertical and horizontal adjustment of monitors.
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PACS Radiology Workstation
Electronic Height Adjustable PACS Radiology Workstation Holds Three Monitors for Radiology and Imaging
Color Options:
PACS System for Radiology
Electronic Adjustable Height PACS System for Radiology Holds Three Monitors Best for Imaging
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Radiology Workstation Desk
Electronic Height Adjustable Radiology Workstation Desk also for Imaging, IT and Security
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