Whitestone Workstation

white stone standing desk

Sit or Stand Desk

The Whitestoneâ„¢ workstation is the ultimate height-adjustable sit or stand desk for Radiology and Imaging.

Complete with electronic adjustment functionality which includes surface height and surface tilt adjustment for sit-stand positions; the vertical and horizontal adjustment of the monitor brackets can be set for optimum focal lengths.

Our sit or stand desks are loaded with valuable new enhancements, as well as, a full array of electronics, lighting, power, cable management that improves user performance and comfort.

Medical Radiology Imaging Workstation Desk
A leading innovation in radiology furniture, this medical radiology imaging workstation desk comes with electronic adjustable height and tilt settings.
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PACS Medical Radiology Workstation Desk
Complete electronic adjustment capabilities are the prime features of this ergonomic PACS medical radiology workstation desk with multi-faceted design.
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Height Adjustable Medical Radiology Workstation
A leading innovation in radiology furniture, this height adjustable medical radiology workstation has independent adjustment for platform height and focal length.
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PACS Radiology Medical Imaging Computer Workstation Desk
A leading innovation in radiology furniture, this PACS radiology medical imaging computer workstation comes with electronic height and tilt adjustment.
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