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double layer height adjustable desk


Height Adjustable Multi-Level Desks


From an ergonomic perspective, spatial planning and user experiences have become two of the most important aspects in the workplace environment.

 Height Adjustable  Multi-Level Desks

Spatially, as you block out interior areas and define circulation patterns, you begin to formulate a clear idea of furniture placement. Yet, what is not so clear is having enough room to work at the desk. Whether it is an office, laboratory, studio or classroom, the use of a dual tier desk, will provide ample desktop space while fitting into the ergonomic design scheme of an area. This is why AFC Industries is pleased to announce its updated line of Height Adjustable Multi-Level Desks.


The Multi-Level Desks have two surfaces that are independently height adjustable. This allows you to adjust the monitor height and focal lengths to the most comfortable settings on the upper shelves, while the secondary work surface is separately adjustable to a comfortable “reach envelope” setting. 


What this means is that items that are frequently used can be positioned well within the individuals “reach envelope” which is the arc that the user can easily reach while sitting or standing during the task.

 circle multiple layers height adjustable desk

We have read in Medical Journals and research studies form Hospitals, Universities and the American Cancer Society, that sitting for prolonged periods of time increase the risk of many chronic diseases (diabetes, heart disease, obesity and more). The ideal solution is a situation that allows for both sitting and standing. The dual level desk provides a sound ergonomic workstation, with ample space and the flexibility of adjusting to many end-users.



Since 1994, AFC Industries has been an innovator in the field of medical solutions. From ergonomic, high-quality workstations, carts and racks to complete modular storage systems, the company's product line is crafted for the ultimate in safety, adaptability, comfort, and functionality. All products are constructed of the highest quality reinforced steel and may be adapted to meet a full range of needs. Noted for its high level of customer service, AFC offers complimentary room design analysis, three-dimensional designs and ongoing customer support.

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