Laptop Cart With Wire Basket

Best Medical Laptop Cart With Basket

  • Model:  LPC100_2424_CUB_01
  • SKU   772117
  • Product Name: Laptop Cart

Mobile and compact, this height-adjustable laptop cart with a built-in storage compartment provides instant data access and a compartment for documents, tools, or telemedicine peripherals. It is equipped with a side wire basket to give instant access to necessary tools.

Comes with a reinforced base and five 4" casters with lockable front set for effortless mobility and reliability.

Heavy Duty Laptop Cart With Wire Basket

  • Pneumatic height adjustment.
  • Surface work height ranges from the floor: 28" to 38”
  • Metal work surface area dimension of 24"x 24" with a 2” lip at the rear to prevent slippage
  • Wire basket accessory #WB-100
  • Convenient storage under the work surface with a ½" lip, both front and back
  • Footprint: 24" diameter, five-prong base
  • Five 4" casters (two of them locking)

PDF DrawingLPC100_2424_Cub_01.pdf
Height28" to 38"
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Tele Health Laptop Cart Design Specifications

Telehealth Laptop Cart design specifications
Tele Health Laptop Cart Functional Features
Telehealth Laptop Cart functional features
Tele Health Laptop Cart Practical Features
Tele Health Laptop Cart Practical Features
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