Telemedicine Medical Computer Single Monitor Stand

Telemedicine Medical Computer Mobile Stand

  • Model:  PC910_CAM
  • SKU   771899
  • Product Name: PC Cart

A single monitor telemedicine medical computer stand with video conferencing camera mount, VESA monitor mount, keyboard and mouse desktop, mini drawer, pneumatic height adjust, battery power supply and heavy-duty casters.

This telemedicine computer stand with video conference camera mount helps medical doctors collaborate with other doctors to provide a more precise diagnosis. It's mobile designs allows its users to access the computer wherever they need to, specially near where their patients are.

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Telemedicine Mobile Medical Computer Stand

  • Pole-mount camera shelf
  • Pole-mount Monitor Arm with tilt & pan movements
  • Handle
  • Retractable Keyboard arm and Tray
  • Sliding Mouse Tray
  • Pole-mount platform
  • Lockable drawer
  • Wire Manager
  • Base-mount Battery Power
  • 4" casters
  • PS-TL-54 Battery

PDF Drawing771899_PC910_Cam_FZ_Drw_Bat_01.pdf
Manual Instruction
Height33"-42" (Work Surface)
We have other colors. Call us for additional colors

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