Computer Workstation Pole Cart

Computer Workstation Stand Cart

  • Model:  PC-MKCA
  • SKU   771301
  • Product Name: Mobile Monitor Stand

This pole-type computer comes with durable cold-rolled steel pole, display monitor mount, keyboard and mouse tray and CPU casing mounted on its pole.

Designed and crafted with modern precision engineering, this medical computer pole cart is built to deliver medical computing powerhouse that caters to the immediate demands of healthcare and industrial professionals. This mobile appliance is also well suited in other office environments and industrial applications where there is a need for mobile access to data

Computer Workstation Pole Cart:

- Mobile   (5) casters (2 of them locking).
- Durable cold rolled 11 gauge steel pole with epoxy powder coated finish
- adjustable  monitor, keyboard, CPU, writing platform, handle is height adjustable and can be rotated 360° around the pole.
- Customizable
         Multiple colors, sizes and accessories are available!
- Wire management channels for organised cables

- Handle
- Writing platform
- Dual monitor bracket

PDF DrawingMPC_200_60_1KB_1F_1C_WSH_01.pdf

Computer Workstation Pole Cart Stand Design Specifications

Computer Workstation Pole Cart design specifications
Computer Workstation Pole Cart Stand Added Functional Features
Computer Workstation Pole Cart Added functional features
computer workstation pole cart with CPU holder
computer workstation pole cart with CPU holder
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