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Phone / Dictation Arms

Desk Leg Mounted Phone Arm

Phone Arms

Our phone arm trays can be mounted in two ways; either directly to the upright of a cart or racking system, or as a portable unit attached to a mounting pole that clamps onto the work surface.

These phone arms are extendable, so you can pull it close to you or rotate it in either direction from its mounting device.

Phone Tray Arm Stand
Desk Leg Mounted Phone Arm that Extends for Better Angle and Easy Viewing
Desk Attachable Telephone Holder
A desk clamp-attachable telephone holder with extendable arm. A perfect desk accessory to ease accessibility of the telephone.
Desktop Clamp Pole Mounted Dictation Arm
This clamp easily mounts on any computer desk or table for a no-sweat installation.
Grommet Mounted Phone Arm
This grommet mounted phone arm is fully height adjustable and can swing from side to side offering various comfortable angles for the user.