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Office Partition

Mobicube Partition with Clear Plexiglas Top

Office Cubicle Partition Walls

AFC's office cubicle partition walls are designed to be easily assembled. It's made with sound absorbing materials which reduces noise coming from the outside; with this, users enjoy the distraction which lets them focus on their task making them more productive at work.

Free Standing Office Partition Wall
A free standing modular office cubicle partition wall with steel framing and sound absorbing panels to minimize noise distraction.
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Office Desk Cubicle Partition
This cubicle partition was designed to minimize noise coming out or in in the user's workstation. It has metal frame and multiple fabric color variation.
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Office Cubicle Partition Wall
Office cubicle partition wall is helpful in office settings. It has fabric that absorbs sound, a metal plate standing base and can help block glare.
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Modern Modular Office Cubicle Dividers
Made with sound absorbing materials this office cubicle partition wall with sturdy metal frame and stable standing base is designed to be scaled easily.
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Modular Office Partition Divider
Modular office partition is designed for offices. It has steel frames, free standing base and sound absorbing wall material for less work noise distraction.
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Modular Office Cubicle Partition
With this modular office cubicle partition, it helps user's focus on their task. Gives quite environment to all users and prevents light interference.
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Portable Office Divider Panel
An office workstation wall partition with sound absorbing material panel, hard steel framing, and stable floor based footing.
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