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AFC Industries’ OEM Manufacturing Services

One key to AFC’s success in OEM manufacturing is our focus on the needs of our customers. We specialize in the development of Medical Devices and ergonomic solutions. Our OEM Design Solutions Team can develop customized solutions to address your specifications for application, product design, manufacturing and delivery.

All of our engineering is designed around the principles of ergonomics, that is, how do humans interface with their work environments. An ergonomically designed product is one in which the needs of its user for comfort and task efficiency are integrated with the product’s purpose. The ultimate goal is to create a product that contributes to high levels of throughput, user satisfaction, safety and longevity.

Height Adjustable Rolling Computer Cart
A height-adjustable rolling computer cart with dual monitor stand, stable push/pull handle bar, keyboard & mouse tray, two CPU holders, & four heavy-duty casters.
Pneumatic Height Adjustable Standing Desk
Pneumatic height adjustable standing desk is made up of high grade materials. It has an articulating monitor arm, phone holder stand and adjustable phone arm
Color Options:
Adjustable Uplift Mobile Computer Cart
Highly versatile and compact, this adjustable uplift mobile computer cart comes with valuable ergonomic features and design elements.
Mobile Medical Computer Lab Cart
Multi shelf mobile computer cart has 2 shelves, bottom drawer, sliding removable keyboard tray, rear handle, medical grade power strip outlet and 4 caster wheels.
Mobile Computer Cart with Cabinets
With plenty of storage capacity, this mobile computer cart is designed for versatile utility that comes with cabinets, adjustable monitor mount and casters.
AFC OEM Cart Model
AFC OEM Cart Model
Mobile Digital Radiography Detector Holder
THE SPINE SMART™ mobile digital radiography detector holder is used in applications with a digital radiography (DR)detector.
Mobile Computer Workstation Cart with Shelf
Mobile computer cart is the perfect equipment for effortless data access in busy work environments. It has monitor bracket, top shelf and tilting bottom shelf.
Mobile Medical Scanner Cart
Compact and lightweight with effortless mobility, this mobile medical scanner cart comes with a cassette holder, VESA monitor bracket and caster wheels.