Bi- Level Medical Desk with Monitor Arm

Two Level Medical Desk with Monitor Arm

  • Model:  IC363036_E
  • SKU   772279
  • Product Name: IntelliCart Desk

A perfect office companion, this IntelliCartâ„¢ - two level medical desk comes with a monitor arm, a swing lift adjustable keyboard & mouse, and four easy gliding casters.

Our IntelliCartâ„¢ Desks are distinctly designed by AFC's meticulous engineering to provide ergonomic comfort, functionality and aesthetics. Simple and elegant, these workstations guarantee increase in productivity with its versatile monitor mount and keyboard tray that adjusts to your preferred configurations.

Ergonomic Bi- Level Medical Desk with Single Monitor Arm

  • Top shelf Clamp-mount
  • Monitor Arm # AFC02
  • Swing lift Keyboard Arm # KA7001
  • Flush fit bottom shelf
  • 2" twin casters

PDF DrawingIC362039_B_S_7001_F_0_T_F_01.pdf
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