Mobile X-Ray Cassette Holder Stand

X-ray Cassette Holder Cart

  • SKU   772123
  • Product Name: Mobile Detector Holder

The MACH-ONE™is a height-adjustable mobile X-ray cassette stand cart used in computed radiography (CR) applications. It is available with either electronic or pneumatic height adjustment and accommodates cassettes of many different sizes and shapes.

The MACH-ONE™ is also available as a wall-mounted product. The wall-mounted version provides additional benefits, such as protection against equipment theft and easy location of this valuable diagnostic tool on demand.

X-ray Cassette Holder

  • Constructed using high-grade steel and aluminum, for cleaning and disinfection with standard medical cleaning agents
  • Pneumatic or electric height adjustment
  • Adjustable cassette holder accommodates all standard cassette sizes such as 8"x10", 10”x12”, 14"x17", 14"x34", 14"x50" and more
  • Independent cassette and grid holders
  • Cassette and grid can be rotated 90º in either portrait or landscape
  • Handle and small footprint with large 4" wheels provide for easy movement from room to room with cassettes and grid in place
  • Two front locking casters secure placement of the stand

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Height-Adjustable MACH-ONE™ X-ray Cassette Stand Cart

Height-Adjustable MACH-ONE™ Mobile X-ray Cassette Stand Cart
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