Mobile Digital Radiography Detector Holder

Mobile Radiography Detector/ Cassette Holder

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THE SPINE SMART™ mobile digital radiography detector holder is used in applications with a digital radiography (DR)detector. It increases accuracy and decreases time per procedure, based on AFC engineering and design. Numerical indication with adjustable guide ensures optimal positioning of the detector, and the patient is supported by an acrylic lean guide and securing straps.

Mobile Detector/ Cassette Holder

  • Constructed using high-grade steel and aluminum allowing the unit to be disinfected thoroughly with standard medical cleaning agents
  • Electronic height adjustment accommodates patients of various proportions
  • Independent detector and grid holders allows for insertion and removal of detector without removing the grid
  • Detector and grid can be rotated 90º in either portrait or landscape
  • Color-coded adjustable markers allow easy detector positioning for image stitching
  • Straps and a clear acrylic panel improve the accuracy of patient positioning
  • Small base footprint with large 4" wheels for easy mobility
  • Two front locking casters secure placement of the stand

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