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Mobile Detector Holder

SpineSmart-MACH |SpineSmart-MACH

Adjustable Detector/Cassette Holders

Spine Smart™ Digital Radiography(DR) Detector

THE SPINE SMART™ height-adjustable mobile detector stand is used in applications with a digital radiography (DR)detector. It increases accuracy and decreases time per procedure, based on AFC engineering and design. A color-coded adjustable guide ensures optimal positioning of the detector, and the patient is supported by an acrylic lean guide and securing straps.

MACH-ONE™ X-ray Cassette(CR) Holder

THE MACH-ONE™ is a height-adjustable mobile X-ray cassette stand used in computed radiography (CR)applications. It is available with either electronic or pneumatic height adjustment and accommodates cassettes of many different sizes and shapes. The MACH-ONE™ is also available as a wall mount-mounted product.

Mobile X-Ray Cassette Holder Stand
This fully adjustable and tilt capable mobile X-ray cassette holder is constructed with top-of-the-line materials for standard medical utility.
Digital Radiography Detector Holder
A height adjustable mobile radiography detector holder stand with clear removable acrylic shield, height adjustable rotating holder and lockable casters wheels