Mobile Computer Cart with Wire Storage Basket

Mobile Medical Computer Pole Cart with Wheels

  • Model:  PC800
  • SKU   772691
  • Product Name: AFC Mobile Computer Cart

A mobile medical computer pole cart with VESA monitor bracket and pole stand, grommet hole, scanner holder, slide out mouse tray, cable organizer, wire basket, CPU holder and 4 twin casters(2 lockable). It is a complete mobile computer workstation that is easy to move around. It is also equipped with pneumatic height adjustment to allow any user to set desk height to comfortable settings.

Designed and crafted with modern precision engineering, this medical computer pole cart is built to deliver a medical computing powerhouse that answers to the immediate demands of healthcare and industrial professionals.

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Mobile Computer Pole Cart on Wheels

  • VESA compliant monitor bracket
  • 18" monitor desk mounted stand
  • 2" diameter grommet cable hole
  • Scanner holder
  • Sliding to left or right mouse tray
  • Plastic cable wrap
  • Wire storage basket
  • Knob adjustable CPU holder
  • 4" diameter twin casters with 2 lockable
  • Pneumatic height adjustable pole
  • 20"x23" top surface board

PDF Drawing772691_PC800_2023_FZ_C99_SC_WB_WMF_02.pdf
Manual Instruction

A Complete Mobile Computer Workstation Equipped With Pneumatic Height Adjustment

Portable Mobile Computer Cart with Wire Storage Basket
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