Task Light for Desk Slatwall Mounted

Modern Lighting Solutions

AFC has all types and styles of modern lighting solutions to meet your needs. Workstation lighting can be mounted on the desk with clamps, grommets or on a slat wall.

Above the desk, workstation lights with adjustable necks and cantilevers become the optimum white and red task lights. Below desk and backlights help to reduce the ambient monitor glare. All our units are ergonomic, stylish and functional.

Desk Mounted Task Light
A desk mounted task light with white or red led lights that can be easily mounted on any desk type.
Table Lamp with Clamp
A table lamp stand with clamp that holds two lights, it has adjustable controls and it's made with hard steel materials.
Adjustable Modern Task Lamp
This modern task lamp can be adjusted to provide direct or indirect task lighting in your work area. It comes equipped with an attachable dimmer control switch for convenient light adjustment.
Under Cabinet Task Light
Super Efficient Energy Saver Bright LED Under Cabinet Task Light Easy to Mount
Under Desk Lighting
An under desk LED lighting that can be adjusted to enable users to see under desk areas with brightness.