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Laptop Carts

Laptop Carts

Adjustable Laptop Cart

AFC’s roster of durable, mobile laptop cart is designed for maximum flexibility, ease of movement and immediate point-of-care data access. These laptop computer carts on wheels are manufactured to meet the ergonomic needs of the end users while delivering consistent patient care, efficiency and cost savings.

Laptop Cart on Wheels

  • Sit-to-stand pneumatic height adjustment laptop cart
  • A base footprint to fit any location: star-shaped, round base, H base or square base.
  • Depending upon the unit, four or five, 4 inch casters for mobility.
  • Rolling laptop carts with safety locking system for Laptops.
  • Dual layer system: One level for your laptop and a second one for your desktop computer.
  • The ultimate in point-of-care mobility – Hot Swappable Batteries. Uninterrupted power is now available in all of our models.
Height Adjustable Laptop Cart
Mobile and compact, this height adjustable mobile laptop cart is equipped with ergonomic features and valuable components.
Color Options:
Pole Mounted Battery Powered Laptop Cart
Effortlessly mobile and compact, this pole mounted battery powered laptop cart is equipped with ergonomic features and valuable components
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Laptop Cart with Anti-Microbial Surface
This height adjustable laptop cart was designed for mobility. It has HPDA work surface, cart holder, pneumatic height adjustment and fully integrated handle.
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Adjustable Wood Laminated Laptop Cart
Adjustable wood laminated laptop cart has storage space, pneumatic height adjustment, laminated wood top with bumper guard molding and 5 casters for mobility.
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Laptop Cart With Wire Basket
Mobile and compact, this height-adjustable laptop cart with a built-in storage compartment provides instant data access and a compartment for documents, tools, or peripherals.
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