IntelliCart Desk (Double Level)

height adjustable computer table with tasklight

Manually Height Adjustable Double Level Desk

The IntelliCart, is a double level desk, that is designed to increase the functionality of the workplace as well as the comfort and productivity of the end-user. These multi level cart desks are distinguished by their soft ergonomic shapes and are perfectly suited for use as a multi monitor computer desk.

Medical Desk with Monitor Arm
A modern design medical computer desk with monitor arm that feature two level desktops, adjustable keyboard & mouse desk top, and four easy gliding casters.
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Computer Desk With Three Monitor Stand
Computer desk with monitor mount SKU #772280. This monitor arms mount desk offers 2 inches twin casters, 3 clamp-mount flat screen arms and more.
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Two-level Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray
Two-level Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray - product SKU #772278. This space saving desk with top shelf, 2 clamp-mount, monitor arms and keyboard tray.
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Two Level Small Computer Desk
A two level small computer desk with dual top surface, two monitor arms, keyboard tray with sliding mouse tray, aluminum casters, and wide desk width.
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Computer Rack with Flipper Cabinet
An ergonomic computer rack with two large cabinets has a modern design the features two monitor arm holders, dual desk surface, key and mouse tray and easy rolling casters.
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Computer Desk Stand Rack with Cabinet
A computer desk stand rack with large overhead cabinet, hard steel track frames, monitor bracket, swing keyboard tray, side CPU holder, four caster and wood laminated finish.
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Bi-level Computer Workstation Desk
The unique design of the AFC Industries Bi-level Adjustable Computer workstation desk combines form and function with a full length adjustable swing lift panel for the keyboard, a cable management system and manually adjustable monitor mounts.
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