Flat Screen Monitor Stand Rolling Cart XLCD-200

2 Front 2 Back Flat Screen Monitor Stand Rolling Cart

  • Model:  MLCD200_2FZ5_2FZ5
  • SKU   772615
  • Product Name: 2x2 Monitor XLCD-200 Standard

A flat screen monitor stand rolling cart with back-to-back dual monitor VESA mounting brackets, sturdy metal frame with balancing base and heavy casters.

This display monitor stand rolling cart for flat screen holds two monitors both front and back facing; it helps the audience see the video content either facing forward or backwards. It also gives the convenience of taking or moving the display monitor to preferred areas with ease.

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Multi Flat Screen Monitor Stand Rolling Cart

PDF Drawing772615_MLCD200_2FZ5_2FZ5.pdf
Manual Instruction
Width24 1/16"
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