Track Mounted Height Adjustable Computer Station

Track Mounted Flexible And Adjustable Computer Station

  • Model:  WM90_C_F_SHZ_KBZ_SH_01
  • SKU   772289
  • Product Name: Computer Wall Mount

This is a heavy duty, track mounted flexible And adjustable computer station with a multitude of functional components that are independently adjustable such as a monitor mount, CPU holder, keyboard and mouse tray on Z-arm, phone holder and printer shelf all conveniently attached to a 90.5- inch wall track mount .

A complete set workstation all vertically mounted to a very efficient and organized system to achieve the highest standards in space saving solution and ergonomic comfort.

Space Saving Swivel Keyboard Arm Computer Wall Mount

The most comprehensive Space Saving Swivel Keyboard Arm Computer Wall Mount we manufacture:
•    A full 7 feet of cold-rolled steel, wall mounted track
•    Keyboard tray with sliding, left or right, mouse tray and an underside mounted mouse holder for neat storage when not in use
•    Keyboard tray is mounted on a fully articulating z arm
•    75/100 VESA compliant monitor mount
•    Another fully articulating Z arm with a phone tray, or can be used for a scanner
•    Printer shelf that is 18”W x 21”D
•    CPU holder
•    All components are individually height adjustable with spring loaded attachments
•    Safety stoppers at each end to secure items into the track and avoid accidents

Instruction ManualWM90_C_F_SHZ_KBZ_SH_01
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Wall Mounted Computer Station specifications

Wall Mounted Computer Station specificationsWall Mounted Computer Station specifications
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