Computer Wall Bracket with Keyboard and Printer Tray

Computer Workstation Wall Bracket

  • Model:  WM-56-1F-1KBZ-1C-S-01
  • SKU   772288
  • Product Name: Wall Track Mount

This computer wall bracket can hold all computer system devices in one small space. It can hold multi-sizes of monitor displays, keyboard and mouse thru tray, printer, and standard CPU casings.

This computer workstation wall bracket is very useful specially in work areas where space is limited. It's built with durable materials that can firmly hold devices attached to it. This is a reliable computer workstation to help increase work productivity.

Floating Computer Workstation:Wall Bracket


  • This AFC computer wall mount begins with 56 inches of steel wall mounted track
  • Added to this is a VESA-compliant monitor mount
  • A keyboard tray with slide-out mouse tray and underside mounted mouse holder
  • Complete Track Computer Wall Mount is mounted with a fully articulating Z arm for comfortable positioning and a 12” x 12” printer shelf
  • All of these mounts have spring loaded releases for easy height adjustment
  • A fixed CPU holder (mounted either at the top or the bottom) and a wire management cover complete the product’s components

PDF DrawingWM_56_1F_1KBZ_1C_1SH-01.pdf
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