Height Adjustable Secured Locking Tablet Cart - iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini

Height Adjustable Tablet Cart With Security Lock

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  • Product Name: Tablet Cart

Versatile and effortlessly mobile, this height adjustable locking tablet holder cart that can accommodate iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini comes with five caster wheels for mobility and an extendable Z-series arm. This item also comes with a security lock to enclose the tablet.

This AFC tablet cart equipment aids medical doctors and healthcare professionals with convenient access to data.

Height Adjustable Tablet Cart

  • Customized tablet enclosure to fit your particular model.
  • Lock levers allow up to 16 inches of vertical adjustment
  • Pole-mount Z-arm with its 12 inch extension allows to position your tablet at any viewing level, angle and depth
  • 24-inch diameter five-prong base with additional weight for increased stability
  • Five 4 inch casters for mobility, with the front two locking to immobilize when required
  • Custom colors available

PDF Drawing772571_TBC360-101-1FZ-IPADAIR2-01.pdf
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iPad Tablet Cart Stand Design Specifications

iPad Tablet Cart design specifications
iPad Tablet Cart Stand Functional Features
iPad Tablet Cart  functional features
iPad Tablet Cart Stand Practical Features
iPad Tablet Cart Stand Practical Features
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