Height Adjustable Secured Locking Tablet Cart - iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini

Height Adjustable Tablet Cart With Security Lock

  • SKU   772571
  • Product Name: Height Adjustable Secured Lock Tablet Cart

Height adjustable locking tablet holder cart for iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini has five caster wheels for mobility and a z-series arm for more extendable reach. This item also comes with a security lock to enclose the tablet.

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Height Adjustable Tablet Cart

  • Customized tablet enclosure to fit your particular model.
  • Lock levers allow up to 16 inches of vertical adjustment
  • Pole-mount Z-arm with its 12 inch extension allows to position your tablet at any viewing level, angle and depth
  • 24-inch diameter five-prong base with additional weight for increased stability
  • Five 4" casters for mobility, with the front two locking to immobilize when required
  • Custom colors available

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iPad Tablet Cart with Security Lock

Tablet Cart with Security Features
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