Height Adjustable Rolling Computer Cart

Mobile Computer Desk on Wheels

  • SKU   OEM-10
  • Product Name: OEM cart 10

A height-adjustable rolling computer cart with a dual monitor stand, stable push/pull handlebar, keyboard & mouse tray, two CPU holders, & four heavy-duty casters, two of which are lockable.

This mobile adjustable-height computer desk on wheels helps users in both the medical and industrial working environments. It helps professionals gain convenient access to much-needed data, on-the-fly for real-time information. With this adjustable height computer cart, critical data is easily accessible and within reach.

Adjustable Height Computer Cart

  • Two monitor holders
  • Handle
  • Work surface(20"W*20"D)
  • KA6000/TR 2000( non retractable)
  • Adjustments screws
  • Image of customer's UPS
  • Four casters (2) are locking
  • Rear locking
  • Grommet holes
  • Two CPU-99
  • Mouse holder

PDF DrawingPC500_1620_2F_2C_0_02-rev.pdf
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