Pole Mount Computer Station

Base Bolted Pole Mount Computer Station

  • Model:  FPP_60_1FZ_1ZKB_C1_01
  • SKU   772287
  • Product Name: Floor Post

Pole mounted computer station with adjustable monitor mount, adjustable keyboard tray CPU holder and concealed wire management conduits.

This AFC product is built for demanding industrial applications or busy environments, with its firmly fastened base, stability is guaranteed to secure the computer and its peripherals. It also occupies minimal floor space yet delivers a complete solution that complies with industrial standards

Pole Mount Computer Station:

  • Pole mount computer station with wire management
  • Single monitor arm mount
  • Built in pole wire management
  • Pole mounted CPU holder
  • Durable base plate for mounting to the floor

PDF Drawing772287_FPP_64_1Z_1ZKB_C1_01.pdf
Height64 inch
Recommended Accessories
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Pole Mount Computer Station with Practical Features

industrial computer station
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