Floor Mount Stand

Floor Mount
Industrial Computer Station
Base Mounted Industrial Computer Station with Height Adjustable Combo Monitor Arm and Tray on Track Adjustable Printer Holder CPU Holder
Color Options:
  • Width: Base footprint: 18" wide
  • Height: 62"
  • Depth: Base footprint: 18" deep
Floor mount with Cabinet
Light assembly floor mount with fixed height phenolic shelf and semi retractable keyboard arm
Stationary Floor Computer
Stationary Floor Mounted Computer Station Height Adjustable with Retractable and Swivel Keyboard Tray with Wire Basket and CPU Holder
Color Options:
Fixed Computer Station on Floor
Floor Mount Computer Station with Pneumatic Height Adjustable and Swivel Capable Monitor Arm Mount Keyboard Tray Wire Basket and CPU Holder with Extra Monitor Mount
Color Options:
Floor Base Computer Station
Adjustable Floor Base Computer Station with Built in Back to back Flat Screen Monitor Pneumatic Adjustable Keyboard Arm and Tray Double CPU Holder Twin Folder Holder Base Mount
Color Options:
  • Width: Base footprint: 16" wide
  • Height: 62"
  • Depth: Base footprint: 16" deep
Floor Post
Afc Floor Post Complete Sentry Computer Station with Pneumatic Adjustable Monitor Mount Base Bolted Floor Post Including Basket Tray Keyboard Arm CPU Holder
Color Options:
Stationary Computer Station
Floor Mounted Base Stationary Computer Station with Height-adjustable Equipment Enclosure with Emergency Stop Switch Custom Shaped Keyboard Tray
Color Options:
Floor Computer Sentry
Floor Computer Sentry with Emergency Stop Switch Adjustable Rectractable Keyboard Tray
Color Options:
Industrial Computer Stand
Industrial Computer Stand with Adjustable Combo Arm Steel Mounting Frame Handle and Sticker Holder CPU Holder
Color Options:
Complete Computer Set Floor Mount
Sentry Computer Floor Mount with Pneumatic Monitor Armand Keyboard Tray Multiple Shelf CPU Holder Base Post Design
Color Options:
Computer Floor Station
Heavy Duty Computer Floor Station with Multi Monitor Arm Mount Double Overhead Holder CPU Bottom Carrier
Color Options:
  • Width: 16"
Floor Computer Station
Floor Mounted Computer Station with Adjustable Overhead Video Camera Holder Keyboard Tray CPU Holder
Color Options:
Pole Mount Computer Station
Pole Mount Computer Station with Adjustable Monitor Mount Adjustable Keyboard Tray CPU Holder Base Bolted on floor
Color Options: