Ergonomic Height Adjustable Desk Furniture

Ergonomic Height Radiology Reading Station Furniture

  • Model:  ST8436_B_ST
  • SKU   772234
  • Product Name: Single Tier

> Simple yet elegantly crafted, this Single Tier- ergonomic radiology PACS workstation desk comes equipped with four VESA monitor mount stand, adjustable keyboard tray, pneumatic legs, adjustable CPU holder, back and side modesty panels and heavy-duty caster wheels.

The Single Tier- radiology ergonomic console workstations are manufactured in line with meticulous attention to functionality, durability, and aesthetics. Each unit is designed with the engineered precision of adjustment mechanisms and smooth mobility to attain comfort and enhance productivity in any work environment that demands a high-quality workstation equipment.

Ergonomic Mobile Radiology Workstation Furniture

  • Electronically height adjustable: 28 to 47 from the floor
  • Ergo Hex design with a Cutout work surface shape edged with bumper molding
  • Articulating Arm for four monitors #AFCFLEXO_4
  • Adjustable keyboard arm with ergonomic tray edged with bumper molding
  • Adjustable CPU Holder (13-25)
  • Back and side modesty panels
  • Five 4-inch casters (two front are locking)

PDF DrawingST8436_B_EH_1630_4FX_2C_0_B_Mod_01.pdf
Instruction ManualHeight Adjustment Control Manual
Width84 inch
Depth36 inch
Heightfrom 28 inch to 47 inch
Recommended Accessories

PACS Ergonomic Radiology Workstation Electric Adjustment Buttons

Ergonomic Radiology PACS Workstation electric adjustment buttons
PACS Ergonomic Radiology Workstation Design Specifications
Ergonomic Radiology PACS Workstation design specifications
PACS Ergonomic Radiology Workstation Functional Features
Ergonomic Radiology PACS Workstation functional features
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