Dual Tier Height Adjustable Standing Table


Dual Tier Desk Series

Our Dual Tier Standing Desk has 2 surfaces, which are independently height adjustable. This gives the user the ability to adjust the height of the monitors as well as the height of the work surface, changing from a sit-down to a stand-up position. The dual surface offers enhanced flexibility for multi users as well as optimum body positioning and comfort. With unlimited configurations, this table can adjust to you instead of you adjusting to the table!

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Two-Level Uplift Modern Desk
A two-level uplift desk with two independent lifting desktops, three VESA monitor bracket stands and elegant wood finish.
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Ergonomic Dual Tier Sit Stand Workstation
This Ergonomic Dual Tier Sit Stand Computer Desk provides a comfortable working platform from a compact footprint.
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Two Level L-shaped Corner Computer Standing Desk
This two level L-shaped computer standing desk supports multiple monitors as well as a CPU holder, accessories and devices that come with it.
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Dual-Level Curve Shaped Computer Stand Up Desk
Electronic height adjustable dual-level curve shaped computer stand up desk. Each desk has independent electronic height adjustable controls.
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Height-Adjustable Dual Tier Computer Stand Up Desk
This electronic height adjustable dual tier computer stand up desk is equipped with high-tech features which will enable a more prolific work output.
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Electric Height Adjustable Computer Desk
A dual-level desk with two independent electric lift height adjustment, keyboard and mouse tray, bottom tray and heavy-duty casters.
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Bi-Level Uplift Surface Desk
A bi-level surface desk with two independent uplift desktops, three VESA monitor arms, pneumatic legs, bottom tray and casters.
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Split-Level Uplift Computer Table
A split-level electric uplift computer table with independent electronic height adjustment desktop surfaces, bottom tray and casters.
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Electronic Height Adjustable Dual Surface Computer Table
Electronic height adjustable dual desk surface computer table with multi monitor Z-arm mount has superior technology yet user-friendly ergonomic features.
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Dual Level Curved Shape Corner Office Desk
Electronic height adjustable dual level curved shaped corner office desk
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Semi-circle Standing Desk
This semi circle standing desk is the perfect workstation platform. This standing desk provides the maximum comfort for users whether standing or sitting.
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Dual L-Shaped Corner Sit to Stand Desk
This electronic height adjustable, dual L-shaped corner sit to stand desk has multi monitor mount perfect for corners with elegant ergonomic design.
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Two-Level L-shaped Sit Stand Desk
An electronic height adjustable two-level L-shaped sit stand desk with independent height adjustment for each tier. A perfect corner office furniture.
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Corner Standing Computer Desk
Electronic height adjustable two level corner standing computer desk with clamp mounted monitor arm and robust but elegant ergonomic design.
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Dual-Surface Computer Standing Desk
This dual-surface computer standing desk can be adjusted independently and electronically with its pneumatic telescopic leg for smooth level alterations.
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Dual-Tier Laboratory Standing Desk
Two workstations in one. This dual-tier laboratory standing desk is split-level equipped with independent height adjustment features for each desk.
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Two-Level Computer Desk with Monitor Mounts
This two-level computer desk with monitor mounts features an electronic height adjustment, CPU holders and caster wheels for added convenience.
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