Desktop Monitor Arms

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Monitor Arm Desk Mount

Monitor arms, also called "swivel arms" or "swing arms," provide an adjustable arm attached to a platform on which you place your monitor. This allows you to easily position the monitor at the proper focal distance and viewing height.

You can also reposition it depending on whether you're standing or sitting (or if you move into different positions throughout the day). Desktop monitor arms can free up desk space by lifting the screen off of the desk, and allow you to swing the monitor out of the way to provide an unobstructed forward view (good for bankers, managers, or anyone else who interacts with customers or employees).

Height Adjustable Monitor Arm

  • Mobile (4) 4 " casters (2 of them locking).
  • Strong old rolled 11 Gauge steel frame with Epoxy powder coated finish
  • Durable Particle board core top with high pressure laminate finish of your choice
  • Adjustable Work Surface is Height Adjustable
  • Flexible Multiple Colors and Sizes available!
Desk Pole Clamp Mounted Single Monitor Swivel Arm
Clamp mounted single monitor arm. This Clamp-Mount Z-series offers perfect office companion for any flat large screen LCD monitors.
Color Options:
  • Height: 18"
  • Depth: 20"
Desk Dual Monitor Holder Arm
Dual monitor holder arm-VESA mounting (75x75mm and 100x100mm) for LCD monitor. It can load up to 25Lbs. LCD monitor on each arm.
Color Options:
Desk Mounted Dual Monitor Z-Series Arm
Desk mounted dual monitor mount equipped with an adjustable extending z-series arm perfect for office environments
Color Options:
Clamp type Dual Monitor Mount Arm
Clamp mount multi monitor arm for 2 lcd monitors on same side. This product is perfect for either independent or multi-viewing experience.
Color Options:
  • Height: 36"
Clamp Mount Arm for Dual Monitors
Clamp mount arm for dual monitors. High quality monitor arm mount for 2 monitors.
Color Options:
Desk Clamp Three Monitor Arm Mount
Multiple Monitor Mount can Carry Up to 3 monitor arm
Color Options:
Multiple Monitor Arm Desk Clamp
Clamp Type Computer Desk Mount for Multiple LCD Screen
Color Options:
Desktop Clamp Mount Five Monitor Arm
Multiple monitor holders-VESA mounting (75x75mm & 100x100mm). If you're looking for sturdy clamp type multiple monitor holders, then this product you will need.
Color Options:
Multiple Monitor Mounting Arms with VESA standard
Multiple monitor mounting arms with VESA standard-mount up to six (6) screens at once. Shop for high quality LCD flatscreen monitor holder (Arm) at AFC.
Color Options:
Dual-Monitor Holders with Extended Arms
Dual-Monitor holders. High quality heavy duty dual screen mount with extended arms for better angle and viewing. Buy now!
Color Options:
Dual Monitor Stand Desk Mount
Desk mount monitor stand for mounting two flat screens. Elegant and sturdy design type that can be fitted into any computer desk or table. Buy now!
Color Options:
Desk Clamp Mount for Ipad Air 2
Pole type desk mounted adjustable and space saving iPad 2 air holder perfect for providing better position for your tablet
  • Height: 18"
Desk Mount Clamp with Swing Arm Ipad First Generation Swappable Case Holder
desk mount pole with swappable arm tablet case specifically designed for holding the first generation apple ipad
  • Height: 18"
Adjustable Medium Size Desk Mounted Pole Ipad2 Holder Arm
adjustable medium size desk mounted pole ipad2 swing arm holder that is easy to install and mount to any table
  • Height: 18"
grommet mount with swappable dual monitor arm
Dual monitor arm grommet mounts. Durable multiple desk mount capable of holding more than one flat screen monitor.
Color Options:
Table Mounted Pole Adjustable Flat Monitor Arm Holder
table mounted pole with adjustable monitor arm designed for flat LCD screens to provide more space for the office desk
  • Height: 18"
Adjustable Desk Pole Mount Z-Series Monitor Swing Arm
adjustable desk pole mount flat LCD screen z-series monitor swing arm capable of providing different viewing positions
Adjustable Desk Mounted Pole Short Monitor Holder Arm
Adjustable desk mounted pole short LCD monitor screen swing holder arm designed to be easily clamped to the table
Color Options:
Adjustable Desk Pole Mounted Medium Size Monitor Swing Arm
adjustable medium size LCD flat screen monitor swing arm attached on a desk mounted pole
Color Options:
Adjustable Long Extending LCD Monitor Swing Arm Desk Mount
adjustable desk pole mounted long extending flat LC screen monitor swing arm capable of providing better viewing angles
Color Options:
Grommet Type Monitor Mount Arm
Grommet type monitor mount arm product Height adjustable flat panel monitor arm- perfect for tight spaces and deep desks. Shop now!
Color Options:
Clamp Type Desktop LCD monitor mount
VESA Standard Grommet Type Single LCD Monitor Mount with dual mounting plates for Flat Panel LCD Monitor Screen
Color Options:
Clamp Mount Monitor Arm with Keyboard Tray
Clamp mount monitor arm with keyboard tray. This desktop clamp computer monitor arm mount holds a single flat panel monitor.
Color Options:
Pole Mounted Laptop Arm with Tray
Clamp Mount Pole Mounted Adjustable Laptop Arm with Tray
Color Options:
Base Desk Monitor Mounts
Base Mounted Desk Monitor Mounts with Moveable Rails
Color Options:
Grommet Monitor Arm Mount
Grommet monitor arm mount. Manufactured in aluminum alloy with loading capacity up to 77 lbs. LCD monitor. Shop now!
Color Options:
Flat Panel Monitor Holder
Heavy Duty Adjustable Steel Flat Panel Monitor Holder For LCD Flat Panel Screen Monitors
Color Options:
Desk Monitor Arm
Desk Monitor Arm with Combo LCD Mount and Retractable Keyboard Tray
Color Options:
Smart Desktop Mount
Height Adjustable Desktop Mount Swivel Capable Monitor Arm Mount with Keyboard Tray
Color Options:
Mobile Base Mounted Monitor Arm
Mobile base mounted monitor arm. This unit features a base mounted mobile LCD/flat panel monitor arm desk mount.
Color Options:
Mobile Base Mount Monitor
Base Mounted Mobile Monitor Mount with Arm Height Adjustable Perfect for Tight Spaces Deep Desks
Color Options:
  • Width: 5"
  • Height: 5"
  • Depth: 5"
Clamp Mount Monitor Arm
Clamp mount monitor arm. This universal monitor arm mount holds single flat panel monitor. Shop now!
Color Options:
Clamp LCD Desktop Mount
Clamp Desktop Mount for Three LCD Display
Color Options:
Desk Articulating Monitor Arm
Desk articulating monitor arm (clamp mount). This universal articulating monitor arm comes with a fully height adjustable pole holder and arm. Buy now!
Color Options: