Computer IT Workbench

Computer IT LAN Workbench

  • SKU   772264
  • Product Name: Computer Racking System

A computer IT LAN workbench 30" in width with 4 caster wheels (front 2 wheels are lockable) and multiple rack-mount brackets and shelves

The SmartRack is a computer IT workbench that supports a variety of technical equipment. It comes in multiple configurations for mounting LCDs, CRTs, CPUs and standard rack-mount equipment.

Computer IT LAN Station Workbench

  • 30" wide frame
  • Top metal tilt shelf
  • Middle metal shelf
  • Rack-mount brackets 7"H x 16"D
  • Rack-mount brackets 7"H x 4"D
  • Standard work surface shape
  • Retractable keyboard arm # KA6000
  • Keyboard tray # TR2000 with sliding mouse tray
  • Wooden bottom shelf
  • Four, 2" twin casters (front 2 wheels are lockable)

PDF Drawing772264_SR303076_T_S_Sh_Sh_RM_RM_FB_01.pdf

LAN Workbench specifications

LAN Workbench specifications
LAN Workbench functional features
LAN Workbench functional features
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