Radiology Monitor Display Arm

Tilting Radiology Monitor Arm

  • Model:  AFC02
  • SKU   771313
  • Product Name: Desktop Monitor Arm

This desk mounted clamp-type radiology monitor display arm will provides the best viewing experience. The clamp of this monitor arm can firmly hold on to any type of flat surfaced desk. This is equipped with two swivel joints for easy adjustment with tilting arm and rotating monitor mount to accommodate user viewing preferences.

Built with high-quality materials for maximum service life. This desk mounted monitor arm is easy to install on any desk. Don't compromise on quality, get this monitor arm.

Tilting Medical Radiology Monitor Arm

  • Capability of monitor arm from 6.6 lbs. to 17.6 lbs.
  • Meets VESA standard (Video Electronics Standards Association), two mounting plates specs are provided: (75x75mm & 100x100mm)
  • Screen pivots 180 degrees up or down. (upward 90 degrees & downward 90 degrees)
  • Screen pivots 180 degrees front or back.
  • Screen pivots 270 degrees left or right.
  • Height adjustable monitor arm

PDF DrawingAFC02.PDF
Instruction ManualUserManual_AFC01_AFC02
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Medical Desk Mounted Arm Practical Features

Desk Mounted Monitor Arm practical features
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