Ceiling Mounted Monitor Arms

Ceiling Articulating Monitor Arms

Ceiling Mounted Articulating Monitor Arms

Our ceiling mounted articulating monitor arms provides versatile solutions for healthcare or dental facilities, labs, retail point-of-sale locations and public electronic signage displays.

All of our units, including the ceiling mounted monitor arm, are VESA compliant and have cable management capabilities. Other features such as easy disinfecting, height, tilt and reach adjustments and either ceiling or a wall mounting styles, are also available for certain models.

Articulating Monitor Display Ceiling Mount
Articulating Ceiling Mount for LCD Monitor with Heavy Duty Mounting Base
LCD Ceiling Suspension
Articulating LCD Ceiling Suspension for Four Flat Screen Monitors
Color Options:
LCD Flatscreen Monitor Ceiling Arm
A ceiling mounted monitor display holder with adjustable articulating arm for effortless viewing angle adaptability of the display monitor.
Color Options:
Ceiling Mounted LCD Monitor Arm
The ceiling mounted LCD monitor arm is the perfect way to view your screen data without cluttering up your work or treatment areas. Adjustable height and reach settings allow you to set the proper viewing angles.
LCD Monitor Screen Ceiling Mount with Keyboard Tray
LCD ceiling mounts provide versatile solutions for most environments, including hospital, dental, security and education.