Glides & Casters

5 inch Diameter Caster with Brake"

Casters and Glides

AFC design engineers are experts in designing high-quality furniture glides and casters. Our products are developed under constant innovation which is based on our years of experience from the feedbacks we get from our clients. Thus, when you get our glides or casters, you will have the peace of mind that our product will deliver optimum performance.

Furniture Floor Glides
An adjustable furniture floor glide with threaded stem. 1 3/4 inch diameter plastic base for easy gliding.
Large Industrial and Furniture Locking Caster Wheels
This large industrial and furniture locking caster wheels is made from high grade materials to ensure optimum load bearing capacity and smooth rolling.
4" Caster
Dark gray thermoplastic tread swivel casters with light gray polypropylene inner core wheel with ball bearings.
4 inch Diameter Caster with Brake
4 inch Caster with Dark Gray Thermoplastic Tread Swivel Caster with Light Gray Polypropylene Inner Core Wheel with Ball Bearings with Brake
4 inch Diameter Twin Caster with Brake
4 inch twin caster with dark gray thermoplastic tread with brake.
4 inch Diameter Black Double Wheel Caster with Brake
4 inch black twin caster with black thermoplastic tread and black Inner core wheel with brake
Stainless Caster Wheels
A stainless steel caster wheel for carts that is built for heavy-duty purposes in any industry type.
2 inch Diameter Twin Caster with Brake
A aluminum 2 inch diameter wheel caster with safety brakes.