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Cable & Power Solutions

Power Strip with Surge Suppressor 24 Inputs
A heavy duty power strip extension to accommodate more devices. With power surge protector for added safety.
Surge Suppressor Power Plug Strip with 8 inputs
Surge suppressor power strip with 8 inputs and a standard mountable design including a power switch.
Flexible Wire Manager WMF 100
Flexible wire manager 30 inch long with screw mounts on top and bottom channel on every link for wires.
Flexible Wire Manager 60 Inch Long
60-Inch Long flexible wire manager perfect for organizing your wires and cables.
Wire Clips WC100A
Universal electrical wire clamp with an adhesive back which can be mounted on flat surfaces.
Plastic Nylon Cable ties
Highly-durable multi-colored plastic nylon cable ties perfect for organizing cables and wires which helps with cable color coding.
Plastic Cable Ties by 10's
Set of various multi colored durable Velcro Cloth Cable Ties that can be used in different purposes for wire organizing and electrical systems.
Grommet Outlet Cover
A plastic desk grommet hole and cover with cable opening on the cover which can be closed when not in use.
Plastic Wire Mold
A plastic wire molding that keeps wires or cables organized and neat. It keeps wires from accidental pulling and it hides it under beautifully designed wire moldings.
Round Retractable Power Cord Reel
A power cord reel with power surge protector, multi socket input, carry handle, and 20ft. long cable wire extension.
Spiral Cable Wrap
Spiral cable wrap product. Flexible spiral cable wrap can be twisted and turned into almost any direction to neatly organize your wire or cable groups
Wire Manager WM 201
Wire manager WM 201 is designed for vertical or horizontal use and comes in 1,2 or 3 foot lengths. Click here for more details.
Round Design 4-Port USB 2.0 HUB
Round Design simple plug and play 4-port USB hub with cutout cable for office or computer desks
Under Desk Cable Organizer Tray
An under desk cable organizer tray made with thick steel plate, with grommet cable holes and black paint finish. A very useful cable organizer that keeps cable and wires safe.
6- Outlet Power Strip with Surge Suppressor
Six- outlet power strip with surge suppressor, 6 ft. long cable and on/off switch .
Cable Wrap Tidy Organizer
A cable wrap tidy organizer that keeps your workstation organized. No more messy wires under your desk.
In-Desk USB Hub USB-04
In desk USB hub. 4-Port USB hubs easily mounted on any table or desk top.
Pop-up Units - Data port and Power Connections
Desk Mounted High Speed USB Pop Up Data Port with standard AC outlets and Ethernet network and parallel ports
Cable Wire Protector Loom
A corrugated cable wire protector loom that helps organize wires cables, keeping wirings neat and safe.