Batteries - Power Supply Solutions

Computer carts and workstations are critical to the efficiency of today’s healthcare systems. For close to 20 years, they have been used to keep electronic health records and vital patient information records, available yet secure. The ability to ensure workflow efficiency via constant power to these stations can be assured with our mobile battery power supply solutions. The cart batteries we have today can either be a swappable battery or a fixed installation power source.

The ability to access data wherever and whenever it is needed is a direct result of the solution used to furnish the necessary power that keeps the carts and workstations operating.

Modular Battery Power System
A modular battery power system provides fast charge capabilities and is designed to deliver long reliable run times.
Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery that can run for up to 25 hours before recharging.
Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery
High-reliability rechargeable power supply recharging unit.